Partners and Business Opportunities

The Wirecutter and The Sweethome’s extensive research and testing have found audiences beyond our sites through partners who seek to use our work to connect great readers with companies that make great gear.

Licensing and awards

Every pick on our sites is an award winner, and being named best in class by our team of experts is news worth sharing. If you’re a manufacturer of a product that our editors named as the best, you can license our award logo or editorial text to show potential customers how great your gear is. Please email us at if you’re interested.



Our readers love great gear, and they visit The Wirecutter and The Sweethome because they rely on us when they are actively in the market to purchase the best. We offer attractive packages that enable merchants and manufacturers to reach our readers through display advertising, sponsorships, special discounts, email, and more. Please email us at for details.

Syndications and custom collaborations

Our goal is to help as many readers as possible find the best gear. Whether through syndications or a more custom experience, we provide versions of our content to our partners so that they don’t have to commit to the high cost of producing editorial content that brings together veteran testers, engineers, journalists, and researchers for many dozens of hours of work on each piece. Our syndication program allows selected partners to run abridged versions of our content, while our custom collaborations present our deep research in formats and environments most suitable for partners’ audiences.

Some examples of our custom collaborations:

01-partners-page-nytThe New York Times

Our first quarterly collaboration with the technology section focusing on Wi-Fi routers was one of the NYT’s most popular and emailed stories for three days.

In our second piece with The New York Times, we shared tips and busted myths regarding ways to extend a smartphone’s battery life. This article once again landed in the top spot as the most popular and most emailed story. We also put together a more in-depth post as a follow-up to our collaboration.


Amazon featured independently chosen picks from our articles on the best travel gear and back-to-school gear in 2015.



We put together a two-piece gift-buying guide for Vulture’s readers focused on the best entertainment gadgets for at-home and on-the-go media consumers.


Some of our syndication partners include Engadget, Forbes, Gizmodo, and TIME.


We offer syndication deals with terms that are purely editorial as well as those with business terms for interested publications.

If you’re interested in syndicating our content or collaborating in a more custom way, please email for more information.

Other business opportunities

Please email us at if you have ideas on how we could work together that don’t quite fit into the categories above. We’d love to hear from you.

Interview and press requests

For media and press inquiries, please email

Some recent press mentions and interviews:

09-partners-page-motherboard“Online Black Friday Deals Are Just as Good as Offline Ones, Says the Wirecutter,” November 2015

08-partners-page-nbc“Black Friday Brief: ‘Derivative’ TVs a Smoking Deal or a Sham?” November 2015